How to Earn $2,000+ per Month by Writing Articles that Pay 10 to 15+ Cents per Word (It’s Easier Than You Think)

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Did you know? You can make up to $1 per word or more writing for magazines. Get access to more than 115 high-paying publications today!

Let’s do some basic math.

Can you write 5,000 words per week?

If so, you have the potential to earn at least $2,000 per month if you write solely for markets that pay at least 10 cents per word.

In BOOST YOUR FREELANCE INCOME (LEVEL ONE), I provide a robust database of author guidelines and contact information for 201 magazines, newspapers, websites, and other publications that pay 10 to 15+ cents per word for every article you write.

Let’s say that you are an inexperienced writer who doesn’t know where to start. What kinds of articles could you write for such publications? What might a typical week of writing for such publications look like?

Here is one possibility:

  • For a newsletter devoted to frugal living: An 800-word article on how you slashed your family’s clothing budget in half without sacrificing good taste or fashion ($80);
  • For a parenting magazine: A 1,200-word article on the advantages of raising children to be bilingual ($120);
  • For an arts and crafts magazine: An 800-word profile of a local artist ($80);
  • For a popular anthology: A 1,200-word personal essay describing a challenge you overcame ($200);
  • Bonus (for a cooking magazine): A unique tip that shows how to solve a cooking problem ($100).

Total Words Written (assuming the cooking tip is about 400 words long): 4,400 words

Total Earned: $580

Can you see yourself writing the above?

If so, you are well on your way to earning more than $500 per week, just by combining your personal interests and experiences with a bit of research. The above examples are all ideas taken from the author guidelines and other information you will have access to in my latest e-book: BOOST YOUR FREELANCE INCOME (LEVEL ONE).

Umm, but that’s even less than 5,000 words. It’s not supposed to be that easy, is it?

So many books, websites, and writing coaches prey on the insecurities of writers and complicate the process of writing for pay when it is actually much easier than most people can imagine. Follow the steps outlined below to get started:

Seriously, the process doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. If you are a decent writer who has the ability to put your thoughts together in an organized, coherent manner, then you can write for pay.

Why not give it a try?

Then come back here and tell us how it went.

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