The ZOZI Journal

Market Name: The ZOZI Journal
Type of Market: Website
Target Audience: People who like sports and travel
Based In:

San Francisco, California (USA)

Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)


“ZOZI is looking for outdoorsy writers to regularly contribute to our new editorial site, the ZOZI Journal.

“The ideal ZOZI writer loves to travel and regularly participates in one or all of the following activities: surfing, kayaking, running, rock climbing, cycling, backpacking, hiking, yoga, sailing, snowboarding, and skiing. We’re also looking for gear nerds who can write knowledgeably about the gear and technical apparel that we sell.”

Pays: According to information posted on

“We don’t have hard and fast word limits, but most of our stories are 500-1500 words long. Our standard rate is around $80-$250 per post, depending on amount of reporting required.”

Our calculation: That works out to about 16 cents per word.

Information for Writers & Photographers:

No guidelines for writers are currently available on the ZOZI website. Contact the editor for more information.

Contact Info.

Listing Last Updated:

April 11, 2017


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