Wednesday Markets (3 Freelance Writing Gigs Paying 10+ Cents per Word!)

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Welcome to Wednesday Markets, a weekly listing of freelance writing gigs that pay at least 10 cents per word (many pay substantially more).

In order to get a listing on this site, an ad must state the rate of pay and pay no less than 10 cents per word.

Please note, however, that I cannot vouch for any company or entity on this list. It is important to research a company thoroughly before entering into a work arrangement.

Also, ads tend to expire quickly. If an ad is expired, take note of the company name in the right-hand column. In some cases, you may find that the company still needs writers and welcomes new writer applications.

This week’s list includes 3 freelance writing jobs paying 10+ cents per word.

For long-term opportunities, see my e-books for writers.

Lifestyle Blog Contributor 10 cents per word: 3 to 5 blog posts of 300 to 600 words per month Blind Ad (USA)
Content Writer for Architecture/Construction Industry 10 cents per word InboundMill (USA)
Freelance Writers for DC-area Newspaper 10+ cents per word The Northwest Current (USA)

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